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October 2015

Pardon my language, but….

You have made me feel like A piece of shit. You have reduced me to dirt. I'm destroying myself Because I am so  Upset Disturbed Unnerved Unsettled Over all that you've said. I'm sorry. But I feel so wretched. You... Continue Reading →



When I was a young girl, not once did I ever imagine being where I am now in terms of relationships. Not once did I imagine falling for a creature twenty years my senior. But I was always one for... Continue Reading →

I’m starving.

I truly am. My hands shake. My stomach aches. My mind grows fuzzy. I desperately desire to consume sustanence, yet I am unable to. Everything turns to ash before I taste it. Before I can savor it. Before I can... Continue Reading →

Why do you tell me you hate me?

When we kiss, When we hold each other, When our hands meet, When we love one another, When we do anything, You always tell me that  You hate me. Am I truly that bad? I wish you wouldn't tell me... Continue Reading →

A Cold Bed

My bed is cold. Always cold.  Every night I dread crawling into it. It is unforgiving. When I prepare myself for bed, I find myself procrastinating actually going to bed. As I bind my hair and remove my makeup, I... Continue Reading →

Enter ramble one

I am no one significant. I am no one at all.  I am just a young 21 year old woman who puts on a front to seem different. I am an assistant manager at a 1.5 million dollar store and... Continue Reading →

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