When I was a young girl, not once did I ever imagine being where I am now in terms of relationships.

Not once did I imagine falling for a creature twenty years my senior.

But I was always one for the unconventional arrangements. They fascinated me and inspired me in my writing. 

However, it never crossed my mind how difficult it is to be in an unusual pairing. I never thought it would be so painful.

This creature has me so wrapped around his finger. My heart is attached to him. I am satisfied with what is presented to me. If we never progress beyond this dilemma, I am fine with it. I will be forever grateful for what we have had and treasure it until I die. If we end and continue on as friends, I shall be content to have the friendship. 

I have given so much for him. And I will continue to do so. 

I never knew what it meant to love someone before.

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