Chandy Grace

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October 2017


Once more, I find myself attempting to go through with this challenge. I will make it. One way or other. I have tried it in the past, but I have always failed miserably. Pourquoi? Well. Easy. I found myself lacking... Continue Reading →


I am uneasy.

Last night, I was plagued by the darkest of dreams. I was haunted by ghosts unknown. I saw visions of dead children. I was uneasy, afraid. A victim to this monster. My screams were trapped in my throat. There were... Continue Reading →

She was Nothing

She was a quiet little creature. Very aloof. Not one to fit in with the rest of the group. She was not the one to have the abundance of followers. She was not the one that led the pack. She... Continue Reading →

Once More

I've got this wonderful, glorious partner. A true light in my life. The one that helped me overcome my addictions and gave me the strength to battle my demons. This person has been my person. I know not what I... Continue Reading →

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