I’ve got this wonderful, glorious partner. A true light in my life. The one that helped me overcome my addictions and gave me the strength to battle my demons. This person has been my person. I know not what I would do without them.

I had no motivation. Always discouragement. No one to really cheer me on. With my depression at the highest, I was at my lowest. I had no reason to write on anymore.

One dreary night, as we lay in bed, whispering in the dark, I shared a part of myself. I let them see the rambles that I never shared. My dreams leaked out of my mouth. My muses sang. The lyrics brought a light in that dark room.

They turned to me and looked at me. He smiled. He loved my words. He picked up the delicate pieces I was always hesitant to share. My words were at his mercy. And he held them there.

A new high enveloped me. I felt estatic. Something was different. I felt a small joy in my heart. The demons backed away. He demanded more. He wanted to see more. So, I painted the room with images.

From that moment on, I just wrote and wrote and wrote.

Every day since, he has inquired. He brags about me. This partner of mine… He is my support and biggest cheerleader. He has encouraged me to chase after my little talent. My glimpse into sanity.

With his support, I have found the courage to share. To submit works for publication. To try and explore the world. Once more, I am here to write.

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