Once more, I find myself attempting to go through with this challenge. I will make it. One way or other. I have tried it in the past, but I have always failed miserably. Pourquoi? Well. Easy.

I found myself lacking in various areas. Of course, I was an arrogant brat. I was not even 15 years old. I thought that I could do anything and the rules did not apply to me. Ha! That was my first attempt. I did not even make it to 10k.

Another attempt. Guess what happened then? I did not take the time to manage my files or anything. So, I tried to cheat the system. Do not ask me what my 16 year old self was trying to do. She was an idiot. I did not even make it to 10k.

I could go on and on and on and on and on about my valiant efforts to overcome this obstacle. But you would laugh.

Looking back, I want to slap my younger self. This year, I have planned. Or, so I believe. I actually have put forth the effort. I have an outline. I have my characters laid out. I got my ideas pinned down. None of that nonsensical nonsense that I have been so fond of in the past. My partner has strapped my adventourous self down and made me take life seriously. This is a challenge. I want to do more. With all that I am trying to accomplish, this is a grand helping to have on my plate. Maybe this will be my downfall? Or my motivator? Maybe since I am making people aware that I am doing it, I will be encouraged to actually do more. I want to talk about it. I want to share my ideas. I want to do this. I am determined.

I will get past 10k. One way or other, I shall.

One thought on “NaNoWriMo

  1. I was honestly musing just a few moments ago about how this will be the first true time I’ll be participating in NaNo when I came across this. I made an account 6 years ago, and each year I had one excuse or another for not participating — usually that I never remembered NaNo until it was mid-November. But this time I am ready and excited. I hope this NaNo will be your motivator to get your ideas out there, because it’s definitely been mine. I also noticed by telling people about my intentions that I have actually put in the effort to make those intentions/goals happen.

    Good luck to you this NaNo. Reach for the stars 🙂

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