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November 2017

I love your stupid eyebrows.


I loathe you.

"I love you," I said playfully to my partner. My head rested on his shoulder briefly; I patted his cheek. "I loathe you," he responded, batting my hand away. "Is that because I wouldn't let you give me a hug... Continue Reading →


My life has seemingly amounted to nothing. I feel like an absolute failure. I truly do. I have dropped out of college. I have not done anything with my life. I am not achieving any goals. I am not doing... Continue Reading →

Preparing for a Weekend Trip

This coming weekend, I am lucky enough to get to go attend a business function. It is in Baltimore, M.D. This is not a spur of the moment trip. No, this is a lovely adventure I get to go on... Continue Reading →


Let me jump on this topic in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I know it is not original, yet, I feel the urge to join in on expressing my gratitude. I am thankful for my partner. He is a creature I... Continue Reading →

Cooper’s Rock – Rock City TrailĀ 

Located off I68, on the way to MD from Morgantown, WV, is a gorgeous state park known as Cooper's Rock. It is an enormous beauty. It is home to some of the best views I have ever seen in my... Continue Reading →

5 Things

I have found a few things to do that make me feel slightly better about life and about myself. Just a few things. Some days, they are all I need to get through it all. Brush my hair - I... Continue Reading →

I saw a cat that reminded me of my childhood pet. I felt sad. Cut. Cut. Cut. I saw a group of girls giggling. Why can't I be part of that? No one likes me. Cut. Cut. Cut. I had... Continue Reading →

The world is drenched in darkness. There is only screaming, screaming in my head. The only shade known is that of sadness. There is no light to around. It is just dark.  

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