Have you ever just looked back through your photos and found a photo that made you emotional?

It all began with some simple YouTube binging. I found myself immersed in hair videos and hair care. After several minutes, I was contemplating my own hair. This prompted me to look through images of my own glorious good hair days. 

This image is silly. Obviously, I was playing with a selfie stuck and merely attempting to amuse myself. In the process, I was showing off my hair. Call me vain, but it is what I do. My hair makes me proud. Especially when it is cooperating. Like it was when this was taken in April.

Currently, my hair is sad. The weather has changed, and my hair did not take kindly to it. This makes me sad. And mildly frustrated. This time of year is chaotic, and I have little time to maintain my hair. At this point, I shall have to go beg a professional to tame my mane. Such a task has proven to be too much to ask of some. Countless times, I am left with more damage than when I set forth. 

This image made me huff and puff. It stirred up the desire to be able to look in the mirror again with pride, for that is what my hair used to provide me with. Now, I just feel ashamed and embarrassed. I know it is silly, but I love my hair. And I can not stress enough how much I feel confident when it is cooperating with me. I know I will regain the control eventually….

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