In the peak of the summer, my partner and I travelled to D.C. for a mini vacation. During our stay, we attended a free, public event that dominated the National Mall. We entered contests, thinking nothing of it. For, who wouldn’t love to win a bunch of free electronics or gift cards?

We went home. A few days later, my partner called me at work, excited. He won! He won! Huzzah! What did he win? A Go Pro camera and a stay at an resort that only cost him $75! Wait.

Never had I heard of anyone having to pay for a free prize. I forced him to call to verify but was hesitant. It was a legit stay and we had to go in order to get our camera. So. Fast forward past the adventure.

We arrive to the place. It turns out it’s only a day and night. Okay….. The next day, we had to attend an event to get our camera. Cool story. We go and spend four hours of our life on an adventure with this salesman. Trying to get us to buy a timeshare that’s flexible. 

We got hooked. A place that lets us pick the week? Exchange with other RCI locations? Sweet!

Agreed to a small price of $8,000. Signed the papers. Cool story. Got out camera and pizza. Left. Flash forward to now. We got a paper from the place. Guess the new price? $20,000. That’s a lot higher than what we agreed to.

Now, we are flabbergasted and at a loss. We do not want this, for this is not what we signed for. The math does not match. This was a timeshare mistake. We want out and are at a loss. If there is anyone out there that is knowledgeable and is willing to share… We are all ears. $20,000 is too much.