My dearest love,

Today, three years ago, we went on our first adventure. The first time we were more than simple friends. The first time I finally said yes to a date that turned our relationship to more than just the friendship it was. The first time we were a couple.

Before, you were just my friend. My companion. You were the one I called on occasion. You called me on occasion. We had gone on walks. We did not really do much of anything. Then, something began to shift.

My nights were spent texting you. My days were filled with conversations with you. More time was spent going on walks. We went to parks. We were getting closer. You wanted to be with me, but I was anxious. I had never been in a relationship. Sure, I had tried to interact with others… and failed. I was anxious. After that date, however, we were more. I let you in like I had let no one in before. We embarked on a new relationship.

You helped me through the various stages of my emotional rollercoaster. You held me through my extreme anxiety attacks. You listened to the nightmares and met my demons. You did not run. You did not leave.

My dearest love, I can not express my gratitude. My neverending devotion to you. You are my biggest supporter. You are there for me. You are my dearest friend. My person. After these years, I have learned the meaning of love. I have learned what it  is like to be with someone that does care about me. I have someone that supports me. Someone that inspires me. Someone that encourages me.

I am so glad I finally went on a date with you. I have never regretted it. That was the best decision of my life. Truly, it was.


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