Traditionally, three years means that I am supposed to get you leather. I…. went away from that idea a bit.

I made you a scrapbook. It took me hours. I made each page, for I did not know you could purchase pages and just glue stuff to it. No, I cut everything. Made each frame. Spent hours on it. I hope it lives up to other things. It is 30 pages long. I have never made a scrapbook.

I bought you a watch. It is fancy. It is light powered. I don’t know the name. I just know it looked nifty.

I found neat little contraptions at TJMAXX. There was a heart puzzle. It is made of wood and is cute. I found socks on sale. Sure, I’m getting you more for Christmas, but … socks! Since you are an idiot that likes to talk on the phone and drive (even though your phone can connect to your car……), I invested in a stand that will hold your phone. Maybe that will help you. I found Italian chocolates. To be just like you, I purposefully left the price tags on. Ha.

The only thing that I kept to tradition was a leather belt. I was eyeing up a wallet, but…. not a good idea. You already have one.

I’m excited to give these gifts to you. I really am. I wrote for you. I just have no idea what else to give you.

But all of this can not compare to the love you have shown me.

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