Get up. Get up. Get up.

You can do this. Come on.

Get up. Come on. Please?

Stop sleeping so much. 

Come on. Let’s do something.

Get up. You can do this.

Brush your hair. You have lovely long hair.

You got this. Please get up.

 But I just feel so drained. What is the point? Am I real?

Come on. You got this. I am here. Come on.

Get up. Please.

Just… can I lay here? My limbs are too heavy. I feel so tired. What is the point?

I brought you food. Please come eat with me. Come on. You will feel a little better. Get up.

Food sounds good. Hush, Ana. Hush, Mia. I want to eat. I will eat. 

I am going to get up. Even if it is just for a little bit. Sorry, depression. Small victories.