Now, I am not one to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional manner. First off, I spend it with my partner. Second off, my partner does not celebrate American holidays, but he appreciates them and tries. So, as you can imagine, this is truly something different, for we both do not really care too much but try. 

Last year, Thanksgiving was filled with an emergency tooth extraction, so dinner was not what you would expect. He was unable to eat, and I went through a terrible night at work. So,  our day turned into soup and awkwardly sitting around. Eventually, we just went shopping. Retail therapy.

This year, I want to actually start setting something in place. We are preparing to do stuff a smidgen differently. Tuesday, I am going shopping for food. Wednesday, I work. After, however, I am going to start cooking. 

Now, I am a vegetarian. This means no turkey or ham or important staples associated with Thanksgiving. I found some recipes to fulfill my desire of having a meal. He does not care about what he has to eat. Just that he gets food.

Thursday, I have it planned out for us to eat and watch movies. I also left a time gap for him to go visit his children. I plan on using this time to be lazy. The rest of the day is up to him. We can go shopping or go to a park. 

Whatever happens this week, I just want to be able to go to sleep knowing that I put forth the effort. I want to know that I prepared a little. 

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