I have found a few things to do that make me feel slightly better about life and about myself. Just a few things. Some days, they are all I need to get through it all.

  1. Brush my hair – I have long, long hair. It goes to the middle of my butt. It is a beast, all waves and loose curls. It is something that gives me pride and confidence. So, I brush it when I feel not myself. My hair is part of me that I love.
  2. Apply makeup – I was late to get on the makeup bandwagon. I never truly saw the point in it. (Honestly, I still do not sometimes.) I enjoy the process of prepping my face and putting makeup on. I enjoy enhancing my eyes. I do it for me.
  3. Watch YouTube – My partner playfully teases me about this constantly. When I am not doing mundane tasks, I am lost in the realm of YouTube. I have a terrible addiction to it. It has everything. Literally, everything.
  4. Read – I am a reader. I literally can not go a day without reading. It doesn’t have to be a book. No, I read articles. Poems. Short stories. Scripts. I feel so blessed to have access to ceaseless amounts of reading material.
  5. Write – Now, I feel this is obvious. I write every single day. It has been part of who I am for years. I identify as a writer. It gives me immense satisfaction. It gives me freedom. Even if I am no good at it; even if I am not always sharing what I compose.

In all seriousness, I wish there was more that made me feel amazing. But, there are not more that are my perfect escapes. I could go on about how I like to travel, but that is not always possible. I could go on about shopping, a recent discovery, but I do not always have the funds to do so. With these, I know I can always do them. I can always battle my depression, my anxieties, and my general stress. Or just do them to do them. They make me feel good, and I can do them on my own.

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