Located off I68, on the way to MD from Morgantown, WV, is a gorgeous state park known as Cooper’s Rock. It is an enormous beauty. It is home to some of the best views I have ever seen in my life.

It was decided to go on an early Sunday morning adventure. We put on comfortable clothes. I put on my sneakers. Applied sunscreen. Grabbed some water and snacks. Threw on some sunglasses and headed off.

We went on a trail that was new to us. Most people seem to stick to the trail that goes to the oversee, go to Ravens Rock trail, or stay within the general vicinity of the main building. We have rarely encountered other individuals on the three mile trail that we favored. After some wandering, we found Rock City Trail.

This trail took you through a new world. You can not fathom how marvelous it is. In terms of difficulty, it was not strenuous. My partner was able to travel fairly comfortably in his flip flops. This trail takes you away from the popular areas. You become nestled between towering rock faces. It is a new world. You are the ant.

It is silent. The air is clear. You can inhale. Exhale. There is nothing weighing you down. We had such a grand time. It took us no more than an hour to hike out. An hour to come back. By the time we finished, we had worked up an appetite that snacks barely took the edge off of.

I honestly wish I had taken more photos of the scenery, but it did not feel right to take so many photos. The beauty was glorious and not meant to be captured.


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