This coming weekend, I am lucky enough to get to go attend a business function. It is in Baltimore, M.D. This is not a spur of the moment trip. No, this is a lovely adventure I get to go on without my partner, which makes me nervous. However, I get to go with a friend. I have never traveled with her, so it will be a fun experience.

Since I am going on this trip without my partner in crime and in our own vehicle, I must actually put forth effort for the planning. I can’t just use the typical method of delaying and spontaneously packing, forgetting everything and having my partner stop along the way. No. I must actually prepare for this.

First, as with all adventures, you must look into how long it will take to get there. On a map, it tells me that we should get there within four hours. Sounds reasonable? Sure! Especially since there are NO TOLL ROADS! But then, I remember the fact that it is going to be Friday. In a big city. So, four hours is not realistic. After discussing this with my companion, we established that, if we want to be in time for anything and to plan for any delays, we must be on the road by 11AM to arrive by 5PM.

Luckily, since we are traveling for the company, we do not have to spend any money on gas. The company is also putting us in a hotel, so there goes another expense that we typically would have to plan for. They put us all in our own rooms, so, while my friend and I must travel together, we are not roommates. Each of us must worry about paying for potential damages done to the room.

With the traveling arrangements made and the hotel room reserved, I am left with the simple task of actually packing. What am I supposed to bring with me? I would recommend that if you are traveling to a business function, you look up the dress code. Heaven forbid you show up and violate that dress code. My function’s attire is business casual or jeans with a nice top casual. Easy.

In my duffel bag, since a suitcase is not needed for a short adventure, I am going to pack the following:

  • Basic essentials – I’m talking about socks, undergarments, and tights. (I, personally, always forget socks….)
  • Two nice outfits – I always plan on being super indecisive, for that ultimately ends up happening. And, it’s always nice to have a backup plan.
  • Sleepwear – I can not tell you the number of times I have actually forgotten to pack clothes to sleep in. My partner laughs at me constantly for this.
  • Comfy clothes – Have you ever had to go to a function all dressed up and had to get on the road right after? It’s not that bad, if you are only travelling short distance. However, I am going to be on the road for hours. I refuse to be extra uncomfortable.

It always helps me to actually make lists of these required necessities. If not, I more than likely shall not include something that is imperative to have. Here are some miscellaneous items I always try to remember to pack:

  • Medication – I refuse to experience the panic of forgetting my birth control or my headache medication.
  • Chargers – I can not tell you the number of times that my brilliant man and I have neglected to pack chargers. Phones don’t run forever.
  • Headphones – All the better to ignore people with.
  • Snacks – I am human. I feel the urge to eat randomly. I am in an unfamiliar area. Who knows when I shall be able to eat?
  • Feminine Products – Do I even have to explain why it is a marvelous idea to have emergency items on hand?
  • Book – I need to read.
  • Camera – I love to take terrible pictures. They capture memories.
  • Deodorant, Shampoo/Conditioner, and Soap – Sure, hotels have complimentary ones, but I have delicate skin and long hair. I do not have the desire to have welts on my skin or frazzled hair.
  • Makeup, lotions, and hairbrush – A girl has to indulge and get dolled up sometimes, right?

I feel as if that covers the obvious bits that I need for planning this adventure. I will look at the weather closer to the actual date and adjust accordingly. I am eager to go on this adventure. It has been a while since I explored with a different face. If I managed to forget anything, someone should be kind and give input. Please? It would be appreciated. I can’t wait to share my adventure.


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