“I love you,” I said playfully to my partner. My head rested on his shoulder briefly; I patted his cheek.

“I loathe you,” he responded, batting my hand away.

“Is that because I wouldn’t let you give me a hug when I was trying to get out of my stupid coat?” I pouted. Moments before, I was struggling to escape my warm jacket. He had attempted to give me a hug, which I rejected.

“No. I just loathe you,” he said.

“Well fine then.” I crossed my arms. “I hate you. I despise you. I loathe you too.”

“Wait. Those are all bad things. Why are you saying them?”

“You said them first. I was just responding.”

“But I said I loathe you! That’s a good thing!” He turned to me. He was genuinely confused. “I loathe you means that I love you more!”

So, I casually explained to my loving partner what the word loathing actually meant. It was adorable.

“Stupid English…”

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