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November 2017

Get up, Chandra

Get up. Get up. Get up. You can do this. Come on. Get up. Come on. Please? Stop sleeping so much.  Come on. Let's do something. Get up. You can do this. Brush your hair. You have lovely long hair.... Continue Reading →


Preparing for Thanksgiving, a ramble

Now, I am not one to celebrate Thanksgiving in the traditional manner. First off, I spend it with my partner. Second off, my partner does not celebrate American holidays, but he appreciates them and tries. So, as you can imagine,... Continue Reading →

Dear Grace (A Letter to My Past Self)

I wish you would listen to me. I really wish you would, but we both know that you won't. You are too trapped in your realm of depression. You are also still a hormonal teenager that is stuck. I know.... Continue Reading →

Happy Three Years

My dearest love, Today, three years ago, we went on our first adventure. The first time we were more than simple friends. The first time I finally said yes to a date that turned our relationship to more than just... Continue Reading →

Three Year Anniversary Gift (Random)

Traditionally, three years means that I am supposed to get you leather. I.... went away from that idea a bit. I made you a scrapbook. It took me hours. I made each page, for I did not know you could... Continue Reading →

Do Not Walk Behind Me

The other day, we were walking through Target. Looking at the various displays. Admiring the exciting temptations that are available. We had the goal of exchanging a piece for our GoPro camera. It was a simple adventure. We were walking.... Continue Reading →

The way the sun hits your face, Makes my heart jump up a pace. That little smile you give me, Becomes all that I can even see.

Every time I took a blade to my flesh, the world went quiet as could be. My demons leaned over my shoulder, they encouraged me.   The world was so silent. Except for their call. I heard nothing except them.... Continue Reading →

Lost in Virginia

Earlier this summer, my partner and I went on an unexpected journey to Virginia. It was an amazing road trip and taught us a valuable lesson. Do not depend on technology alone to get you anywhere. Especially when you end... Continue Reading →

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