What would it have been like had I not dropped out of college?
If I had gone to the popular school in town? Settled?
What would it have been like to be graduated at this time?
Would I have been any closer to achieving happiness?


I do not find myself feeling extreme regret.
I accept. I accept that I withdrew from school.
I learned a lot. I faced new foes. I overcame.
I would not be the Chandra I am today.


I wonder if I am behind. So far behind now.
I do not believe that it is so terrible.
I just wish I had not been so boxed in for so long.
It just amazes me. So much. So much.
I love what path I have fallen on.

I have a career I never, never anticipated.
I know. I know. I know I shall get somewhere.
I have a loving partner. I would not want any other.
I have grown. I have. I have grown.

Constantly, I shall reflect on this path I did not take.
I shall look at it. And no longer regret it.
I embrace it, for it is a chapter I needed.

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