I am the store manager of a multi-million dollar store. I am the boss. I am responsible for 45 people and thousands upon thousands of dollars. I am the youngest manager in my store. (Probably the whole franchise, but who knows?) I have been doing this since I was 21, almost 22. And, if there is one thing I have learned, I have a lot to learn. One will always. ALWAYS. Be learning.

So, I had an awakening. I established I wanted to do something with my life. Since I do not have friends or family really, I just go to my partner and my humans. For they, they are my family and friends. I have been talking to my assistant managers. One is a lovely young girl that is 24. One is a lovely young man that is 30 with a child. They listened to me ramble. Ramble. Go on about my hopes that have bloomed that are not limited to our four walls. And, they have given me some glorious advice.

  1. If you ever, ever want to get your own house or anything like that, get your life together. Do not be ignorant of your credit score. That is the holy grail. You want that to be fixed and ready to go. Lindsey* is in a similar spot as I. She has medical bills, student loans, and a car payment. Same as me. She told me the tale of how she had a horrible number, like I do, and how she fixed it. Just some magical calling numbers. Making payments bit by bit. Tada! Her number is a beautiful number. She said to me that all I have to do to make anything happen is to fix that number. (John* agreed.)
  2. As a workaholic, you will suffer in your relationships until you find a balance. It is not an easy feat. It takes work. They both turned to me and looked me in the eye. They did not lie. When you are married to your work, devoted to your job, you will struggle to maintain anything else. You have to learn to let go. Let go a bit. You will find that balance. That compromise. Once you do, work like you have never worked before to keep it.
  3. Save. Save. Save. John has a home, a wife, a little human, and expenses. When you are not successful, in society’s eyes, you are destined to struggle. Life is expensive. Save while you have the chance. Save like your life depends on it. Because it does. Pinch those pennies now.
  4. Make smart purchases at the right time. So, in my location, there are lovely roads that are treacherous. Snow will trap you. Rain will make roads difficult. Ideally, you want an AWD or a 4 wheel drive vehicle. (I have a sonic. She is neither of those.) Lindsey has a cube for a car. (I don’t know what they’re called…) It is not for this weather or crazy hills. She has been needing a new car for a while. Unlike everyone else we know, she did not get a new car right when she got a promotion. Why? Well… She was working on her credit score. Casually, she informed me that if she had gone after the car whenever she wanted, she would be in a bad spot. Since she waited to improve her credit, she will now get better deals. Moral of her story. Wait it out to make a purchase sometimes.
  5. John has informed me that little humans are expensive. (My sister has confirmed this. My partner sarcastically disagreed.) He stressed that they are no joke. They are expensive. But… They light up your life. They are worth it. Just make sure you have your finances as set as you can before brining in a little human.
  6. Stay positive and find a relief.
  7. While your “friends” are out partying, just remember that you are probably having more fun in the long run than they are by being a responsible adult. You’ll be thanking yourself later.
  8. Do not limit yourself. If you have made it this far, you have further to go. You’ve climbed this high, you’ve got higher to go.
  9. Everything you do does matter. Do not ever forget that.
  10. You’re young. You’re a boss. You will always be fighting. You are smart. While you have to care what people think or say… You do not really have to.


Trust me, I know that some of this, seems rather obvious. I get it. But, it just means something to me that they are willing to share their ends and give more. They have stories. It’s nice to hear them. When you feel alone, sometimes small words from anyone have an impact. Maybe there is someone else out there that needs this. I know I did.


*Names have been changed.


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