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January 2018

What would it have been like had I not dropped out of college? If I had gone to the popular school in town? Settled? What would it have been like to be graduated at this time? Would I have been... Continue Reading →


How do I get to where I want to be? How. How. How. How. How. The answer will not appear in the bottle. It is not written on the end of a blade. How do I get where I want... Continue Reading →

You are so beautiful. So kind. It breaks my heart that you're not fine.

Doctors make me Ramble

It is always weird to visit a doctor to try and get yourself tended to. I have embraced the awkward part of adulthood where you call a doctor, make an appointment, battle to get insurance cards, and go to the... Continue Reading →

Now, I lay down to sleep. Even lost to dreams, you pull me in. I bury myself in your embrace. Lost to safety. Warmed by your skin. My overgrown teddy bear, My protector from the wretched night. Now, I lay... Continue Reading →

Even after a little over two years, I sometimes feel the temptation. My arm got a little cut. A small little ouchie. Nothing to fret over. Yet. Moments later.... I felt it. The excitement. The anticipation. The need for more.... Continue Reading →

One Day

One day, we shall have it all. My love, worrying will not be done. One day, we shall have it all. My love, it shall be such fun. One day. One day. It shall be. We will be free. So... Continue Reading →

Resolutions, or wishes?

Here I am. Sharing what is a common trend for this time of year. A new year. New resolutions. New everything, right? I gave up long ago on making resolutions. Now, I simply make wishes. Simple little things that are... Continue Reading →

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