It was the first bright day in weeks. A rare break from the dead of winter. The tease of life.

Full of restlessness, there was the need to roam. Birds are not meant to be kept in a cage forever. There was an opportunity. It was jumped on in an instant.

Expecting to find muddy trails, melting snow, and the sludge left behind, we traveled through a narrow road to find our trail.

Instead, we found this.

A lake, frozen solid. Waves frozen in time. Branches floating until spring. Rocks with small ponds for fairies to skate on. Skeletal trees stretching. An explosion in the heavens. Clouds that expanded into feathers, ready to soar. Colors so vibrant. A sight that no words can adequately capture.

Stunned, we perched upon the benches, snuggled close. Words were not needed. Simple adventurers to admire the beauty. Two people, blessed to catch a moment that no others caught.


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