In the midst of all the angst of my life, I received something that crushed me. I got a lovely rejection letter. In the days since, I have processed the feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and the anger. I looked at it. It was a positive experience for me. A learning one. But . . . The emotions were eating me. I cried. I almost threw out all my pieces. Almost threw them into the sink and drowned them. I wanted to show the world that I could do it. Then I would spiral back down. It was hard to accept it. So, what do I do now?

Simple. I pull myself back up.

That is not something I am newly acquainted with. No, I am familiar with this concept. Drown. Wallow. Get up and go.

I have reviewed the pieces I submitted. The basic ones. I looked at them. Analyzed them. I did not disown them. They were set aside, not given up on. Just… Waiting for another chance.

I looked around for other options. Other publishers that may be interested in small pieces. I found some ideas.

I worked on another one of my ideas. I let the words spill from me. Jumbled. Nonsensical. A hodgepodge of creativity. Something. I indulged myself.

As I dabbled, I felt the emotional storm settle. I am using this as a motivator. It happens. It is fine. I’ve got this. I’m pulling myself up again. That’s how life works, right?


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