It was freezing. 35 degrees at 12 in the afternoon. We were on minimal sleep and exhausted. (We fought with the washer and dryer on our floor for hours. We won! Huzzah!) Two suitcases and three packing mishaps later, the car was packed. To the car wash and gas station we went. After freeing my bank account of some funds for cash, loading up on chips and soda, we cast off!

The drive was a calm 4 hour drive. No rain or snow. We had a very engaging debate, pondered life, and shared knowledge. It was heavenly. Snapchat provided me with fun filters to fill the times when my partner was on a short phone call.

Before we knew it, we were in the chaos surrounding big cities. The horrendous traffic. Cars fighting over la new. We took the wrong exit off the George Washington Parkway. (Oops) luckily, we had traveled to DC plenty of time to know we were lost in Arlington (we were stuck in the traffic circle that takes you to the cemetery). Three heart attacks later, we had managed to cross the bridge and brave the 4 o’clock traffic around the Lincoln Memorial. Finally. We located our hotel, ready to roam.

Roam, we did!

We wandered around aimlessly for a bit until we found ourselves in Palmer Alley. Perfect place to window shop.

At this point, it came to our attention that we had not actually eaten. (Chips do not count.) I get quite … irritable and snappy. I was shaking and wanting food. My partner was laughing and trying to help me locate a vegetarian friendly location. Eventually, we stumbled down K Street to find this unique pizza place. &pizza provided me with a fresh, made in front of you pizza. It was splendid. The drinks, totally unique. None of the name brands to be found. My favorite turned out to be a surprising Cereal Milk Cream Soda.

After devouring the whole pizza in one sitting and drinking three drinks, I had to use the facilities.

I walked to the bathroom. And was confused. The doors all had key pads on them.

Guess what? Bathrooms in DC require you to get a code from the workers. Talk about awkward.

We ran around the streets some more. I stopped to zip up my coat. Out of nowhere, a stranger swoops in and ties my shoes. Startled, I couldn’t do much but watch, jacket half zipped.

Across the street from our hotel, we found a Nordstrom Rack. Eager to find some stuff to buy, we entered a store not available to us back home. Two hours and five hundred dollars later, we emerged.

Loaded with bags, exhausted from walking, we made it back to our hotel. Up the elevator, down the hall, around the corner. The excitement was palpable. We were almost in!


We discovered our keys were deactivated. And we were locked out of our room.

I will not bore you with the process it took to get back in. Just know we did. Our night finished. Nothing was open except for one bar. So, we went out for a bit. The drinks were pricey. The atmosphere wonderful. Proper 21 was phenomenal.

We stumbled back around 1am. And died. It was glorious. I have not been so thrilled in a while.

Now, I can not wait to see what Valentine’s day holds and how the rest of the adventure unfolds.

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