No one likes getting feedback. I appreciate it. May not like it, but appreciate it.

Now, I work hard. I run a multi-million dollar food establishment and easily put in an average of 60 hours a week. My food costs are better than the company standing. My profit and loss statements are on point. I manage a staff of 30-45 individuals, depending on the year. My customer satisfaction scores are above. My customers do not wait excessively long to receive food, 10 minutes at most. My inspections are always a pass. I do my job and more.

My efforts are not limited to my own four walls. I provide insight to my fellows. I convey results to the market.

That’s beside the point. The point is, I have made important improvement in my store and myself. At 23, I have proven that I can do it. I can achieve anything. They approached me about a promotion to a training store. Anyone who knows me knows that training and people development are my true passions. I have met their qualifications and have worked hard to get every box on their certification sheet marked off.

So, every few months, there is a survey that goes out to my employees on the job, my store, and myself. I have morals and integrity and all that jazz. So, I do not take the survey for them, bribe them, or go around it in an underhanded manner. I want genuine feedback. It can’t be as bad as stuff I have received in the past.

I have been hyped about the impending results to see my improvement and have been motivated to work hard towards that promotion to a training store. Everyone was eager for my results.

Guess what?

They came in.

I called my superior to go over results since they were not delivered to my store. They were relayed to me. Out of 26 eligible employees, 4 were dissatisfied at most for the categories. Massive improvement over my last one. More people had shifted to the agree, so they were on the path to being highly satisfied. I did not feel bad.

Then, the blow came.

Due to my low score overall (whatever that means), the even higher superiors would not let me become a training store. Mind you, this survey was not a requirement and is not listed on my certification checklist.

All my hard work, it feels invalidated.

Another low blow, the other store that is eligible (run by an older man) for becoming a training store got a higher score. It feels unfair to me. He has been in the position less time and has been working off the same checklist as I, meeting not as many of the requirements.

I now feel no drive and have the desire to cry. One of my superiors have never liked me. Seemingly because I am a young female (They bash my generation and age range constantly). They said I could still train, but I would receive no compenation. They claim it should be easier to hire and retain students or just hire locals. To achieve it all.

I just had to rant. I expect nothing of it except a release. A release of emotions. Maybe I will be unleashed from this grip of discouragement.

Life is hard and not fair.