Words of the written variety have always been my solace. Reading is a passion of mine. Writing is an even larger passion. I have always wanted to pursue it. Always.

After my car accident, weeks before embarking on an adventure to college, something in me shifted. Words that once flew so quickly and easily, ceased. Abruptly. I struggled to regain my footing. Find my voice.

In the years since, it has been a passing tide. One moment, words. The next, silence. In recent months, after reaching out and speaking to people near and far, after reading prompts and doing exercise, my words are a small river.

Where do I go from here? I submitted pieces and got rejected. I have complied collections. I have been constantly involved with my blog. I have been researching. I have been in tune with my writing. I want to do more. Much more. I long to share my words. Write for my life.

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