I have flown before. I have been on a plane more than once. What’s different this time?

I am flying by myself. I am not the minor with the attendants directing me. I am not the minor accompanying seasoned flyers through the airport. No. I am doing this on my own.

Needless to say, my nerves are on edge. Severely on edge. As the day grows closer, I find myself jittery.

Is this normal? Maybe. I don’t know. I am a paranoid individual. I am. These past few months are expanding beyond my comfort zone. I travelled without my partner. This time, I am flying alone and also not with my partner. With each stretch beyond my boundaries, I feel myself scream internally. There is a glimmer of excitement and a wave of fear.

I have not calmed myself quite yet. I know that will not happen until I have flown there and am safely back. I know this is a ramble on my nerves, but it is the only way I know how to express this sensation. Growing and trying new stuff is healthy, right? Pushing yourself is healthy, right?


One thought on “Nerves

  1. I know all such words of comfort never actually provide much comfort, but trust me, you will be fine. I used to get so nervous and agitated before flights and, to an extent, I still do, but I try to be much more chill about it now. All major systems on planes are triple redundant, meaning that if something is required to keep a plane in the air, there are three of them rather than just one. The pilots and crew are unbelievably well trained and seasoned. Modern technology has all but eliminated the threats of bad weather, etc. For the airlines, getting a plane full of passengers from Point A to Point B is as routine to them as is walking from the living room to the kitchen for us.

    No, the only thing that gets me all worked up now is the frustration of dealing with long lines, trying to be at the airport early enough to account for the delays in getting to the gate (parking, shuttling, ticketing, baggage check, security, etc.) And the fact that they no long provide hardly any food at all any more on the flight. So be sure to take your own!

    Happy flying!


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