I did it! I made it through with minimal anxiety attacks. Somehow, I managed to luck out of driving myself. My wonderful partner was able to take the morning off to get me to the airport! Unfortunately, my partner was unable to accompany me all the way. But, it was comforting to have the company!

Here I am, sitting in the airport now. Four hours until my flight. I have claimed a table to observe the planes maneuvering around. So, what to do to entertain myself?

I wandered around. I called my store to pester them. I am listening to upbeat French music. I’m saving my reading for the plane. I already worked on some pieces for submission (I was contacted by a publisher!) and rambled in my journal.

My fellow humans, I am a bundle of nerves despite my calm exterior. I find myself wondering if everyone around me is secretly all the same. How are you when you travel? Beneath that disinterested exterior, there is a bundle of stress? Or is it actual feelings of coolness? Is that even plausible?