Raccoon Creek State Park was a wonderful find. My partner and I had spent the morning in the airport to validate all my information for my trip. As you can imagine, we were eager to go on an adventure and enjoy the lovely weather. My GPS pulled up this park, and we decided to go. It was only 30 miles or so west. So, why not? Our GPS took us along this straightforward backroad. Then…We found ourselves on a windy road that was not to be traveled faster than 10mph. I was hesitant, but my partner assured me all was well.

Several minutes later, we found ourselves beholding some lovely sights. A clump of picnic tables to our right, trails to our left. A campground on our left, trails on our right. It was beautiful. We turned on a side, gravel road. We followed signs for a beach. And, we found one. A vast body of water was before us. We parked our car, and off we went. There were not many people out and about. A couple of elderly men sat with their grandchildren along the bank, fishing poles at their side. A group of younger individuals with trash bags, cleaning up the area. A family with happy children.

We spent the day in the sun. I got a lovely sunburn… We walked. Laughed. I managed to convince my partner to climb on a swing and play on a playground with me. We went on some trails that more than likely were not meant for people to actually go on. We laid in the sun, water at our toes. It was glorious.

After enjoying ourselves for several hours, our stomachs demanded we leave. As we were on a spontaneous adventure, we had nothing with us. I do have to say, we put it off as long as possible. There was no way we had seen all that this nearly 8,000 acre park had to offer. By the stroke of luck, when we were about to turn on to the main road, I discovered the main office. We made our way over there.

It was discovered that this place had all that we love in the great outdoors. It had cabins to rent. Hiking trails. Biking trails. Scenic locations. Swimming. So much more.

I can not wait to share our next adventure. It shall be glorious.


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