I’ve never felt so on top of the world. Even when I climbed Dorsey’s Knob. That pales in comparison.
As some may recall, I have visited Cooper’s Rock in the past. I do it quite frequently. It has so much to offer. I do not even have to go far to reach it. I love how it has a variety of trails and so many views. I have yet to go on all the trails available. One day. One day I shall have them all crossed off my list.

Anyways, a few weeks ago, my loving partner and I went on an adventure here. We partially prepared for once in our lives. We threw on some workout, comfortable clothes. Slipped into our tennis shoes. Away we went!

After hanging out on the main rock, we decided we needed to go on a hike. I found us a map. We picked a trail that we always fantasized about going on. Once to the start, we made sure we were mentally prepared. It was a hot day, and I am a very sensitive individual. Heat and I are not good friends. If I do not take a moment to accept the heat, I will not survive climbing a mountain.

It was a mountain to climb. The trail started off simple. Some rocks here and there. There was no one else around us at the time. The trail eventually made a sharp turn, which confused me at first. It felt as if we were going to back track. But we did not. The incline of this trail was minor initially. Before I knew it, however, we were around other people. Several were red-faced and smiling. Others were panting and staring up at the steep path that was ahead.

We began our ascent. I was forced to pause halfway up. The other hikers that passed us were kind; one even offered me a frozen bottle of water that was thawing to hold against my neck for a moment to cool down. We made our way up and through a grassy path. There were yells of excitement ahead. We emerged.

This point was beautiful. There were rocks sticking out. There were pathways to climb down for the more adventurous rock climbers. There were makeshift places to rest. I laid down on the edge of a rock and closed my eyes. It was breathtaking. I believe we spent a good hour on top of the world.

The descent was easier. We were sweaty, red faced, and happy. I noticed a small path; we took it away from the main trail and found a beautiful creek. I immediately removed my shoes and socks. I laughed as I let the cold water dance over my toes. It was one of the best sensations.

It was wonderful. I can not wait to go back and walk this trail when there is life. Trees with leaves and shade. Not dried out waterbeds, barren trees, and  no colors. I strongly recommend anyone and everyone go on this trail. Go on the edge.


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