I have been rather silent as of late. It happens. There just feels like so much is going on. And I can not gain my footing.

Time management should be easier for me. Especially since I spend my day to day work life micromanaging every minute. But it is not easier. Work is one aspect of my life.

There is more to me than just work.

I have a partner that is more precious to me than anything else. I have responsibilities. I have projects that I am working on.

There is a lot going on. So I went silent. My focus is everywhere and nowhere at once.

My application was accepted, and I have been given the opportunity to write for Thought Catalog. This was a huge achievement for me. I have been trying to find the perfect piece. (I keep getting invited to edit and resubmit…).

I have been trying to make my blog work. But I hit a roadblock. I have so much I am trying to do. I am behind on posts. I just can not figure out how to make them flow.

I have ideas half formed. I considered starting YouTube to start talking and documenting my day to day life when I go on adventures.

My words are stuck in my brain. My depression is acting up. So everything seems pointless. It is a struggle to push through that. I keep getting rejected but it’s a learning experience. I am trying to stay positive. But the moment I let my guard down, those voices in my head act up.

I just went silent during it all. My head has no direction. What is up? Which way is left? Who knows? I don’t.

But it will work out. I have this. I just need time to shut out the excess noise. Focus. One project at a time. Let my creative juices flow. Head up. Keep going.

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