I’m planning again. A trip back to our favorite city. We have not gone on any adventures in a while. (Gotta love work, right?) We needed something different. A break in the year before we are back at it.

DC is our favorite place to go. A quick 3-4 hour drive away. A scenic route. A quick getaway, where we are still close enough if life demands we rush back.

It is summer. It will be the second summer in a row that we are going there. I personally am dreading the heat that I know the city can experience. But! This year I am preparing myself better. I am not going to wear the same clothes I had brought last year. No. No. No.

This time, I am also planning my trip a bit better. We do not want to wander the streets aimlessly for four days and spend stupid amounts of money that are regretted later on. I am still spinning ideas around. I want to go to Georgetown and surprise my partner with a spa day or something. I want to cross some more museums off my list. My partner does not care what we do, so long as there is something planned out.

I believe we are going to stay at our usual haunt. Hotel Harrington. I have tried looking into hotel deals through other websites and have found some that are too good to be true. I am anxious to try anything new like that. Anyone have any experience?

I am excited, to say the least. Planning sucks, but I know it will be worth it in the end. If anyone has any ideas, I am all ears.

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