It was a sunny day. There were no signs of rain. There was nothing. My partner and I were blessed with a day off together. So, we decided to go to an adventure. Knock something off our bucket list.

The drive was an interesting one. I would strongly recommend making sure your brakes are working well before going on this road. The hills are steep with narrow turns. I wish that someone had put that on the directions. So, I am warning everyone now. This location has several attractions nearby. Cucumber Falls… Ohiopyle… I can keep going. Fallingwater just so happened to be our main reason to go up that way.

We decided that we wanted to go on a tour of the house. You can pay a small fee to just wander the grounds, if you wanted. We just decided that if we were going to go, we wanted to go for the whole experience. You can choose the different tickets for different parts. We only wanted the tour of the house and the pass to roam the grounds, and it cost about $60 all together.

The tour lasted about an hour. It was worth it. I have never been in such an amazing place. I applaud the architect and the family for this home. It is not a place that is friendly to anyone that has a hard time climbing stairs or being in narrow passageways. I did not see any small children on any of the tours that were going on either, but I did not see any signs that stated children were not permitted. I would love to share what all was shown during the tour and share pictures, but those were not allowed. You do learn a lot of history and are shown a lot of this family’s home.

After the tour was done, we wandered back down the hills. We posed for some pictures near the house and the waterfall. The easy trail led us to a popular picture perfect location. You have a marvelous view of the house from this point. We roamed the grounds a little longer but did not linger. I feel that, had we not gone on the tour, our visit would have been shorter and not as enjoyable. It is a lovely location and all, but the house itself makes it worth it.






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