The submission window for a literary magazine just opened up. This is the same one that rejected me a while back. Part of me wants to submit again.

But part of me is terrified of the rejection.

Absolutely terrified.

I have been in a fragile state in terms of my writing as of late. It feels as if every word is one letter away from ruining everything in the piece. I have been tearing pieces apart. I have been editing. Modifying. Examining. Refining. Doing so much. It feels as if it is not enough.

Does this feeling ever go away? This dread of rejection.

I gotta keep trying though. I did not give up whenever Thought Catalog kept rejecting my pieces. I just kept swimming.

So, maybe I will try again. What’s the worse that can happen?


2 thoughts on “Try Again?

  1. You can do it Chandy. Don’t let the negative past destroy your potentially positive future. Believe it will happen and concentrate on all the positives that come from it. I believe you’ll get there!


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