A tad over a year ago, my partner and I were laying on our blow up mattress, talking with music playing in the background. They had uncovered that I was a writer and poet. They poked at me a bit until I started talking all about my worlds, my words, my inspirations, and on and on.

As I spoke, I told them about a blog I opened up while I was in college. Instantly, they were more curious. So, out came the laptop. We dug and searched until we found it.

It was then that I decided to reembark on my blogging journey. On my writing career. To try and share my words. To explore.

I’ve learned some lessons in this past year. Some stuff I still need to improve on – like consistent posting!

I have grown my blog following.

I joined Thought Catalog and have articles published with thousands of people reading them.

I have explored more of Instagram. I’ve been able to share my adventures. My travels. I’ve received jewelry and have discovered other passions.

I’ve gathered new poetry.

It has been a great experience. I’m excited to see where I go and how I will change. I would not be where I am today without my loving and supportive partner.



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