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Poetic Adventures



My name is Chandra. I'm your average adventurer trying to navigate this maze of Life.


I have been considering redoing some parts of my blog. Changing the content around a bit. Expanding. In the past few months, I have changed a bit as a creator and person. I have new ideas. I have had successes... Continue Reading →


Attempted Art

An attempt at art


A customer came in. A customer came in. Nothing new. Customers always come in. This gentleman is a regular. A kind man. He told me how he's turning 80 in January. If he makes it. I told him he will.... Continue Reading →


A safe place


I care


my life was cold

Until, my love, you danced..

Until, my love, you ...

One Year Later….

A tad over a year ago, my partner and I were laying on our blow up mattress, talking with music playing in the background. They had uncovered that I was a writer and poet. They poked at me a bit... Continue Reading →

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