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Preparing for Flight – Learning Some Rules

My flight confirmation came through last night. I leave for Atlanta on Monday. The reality of this is pressing down on me. The fact that I have all my information on hand now has relieved a decent bit of my... Continue Reading →



I have flown before. I have been on a plane more than once. What's different this time? I am flying by myself. I am not the minor with the attendants directing me. I am not the minor accompanying seasoned flyers... Continue Reading →

Arriving in DC for a Valentine’s Adventure

It was freezing. 35 degrees at 12 in the afternoon. We were on minimal sleep and exhausted. (We fought with the washer and dryer on our floor for hours. We won! Huzzah!) Two suitcases and three packing mishaps later, the... Continue Reading →

A Frozen Moment

It was the first bright day in weeks. A rare break from the dead of winter. The tease of life. Full of restlessness, we had to roam. Birds are not meant to be kept in a cage forever. We had... Continue Reading →

I wish I had a marvelous time.

Truly, I wish it was amazing. Yet, it was not.  It was not joyous or merry. It was an adventure I wish I could undo. I wish you had been there.  Perhaps I would not have felt so... alone.

Preparing for a Weekend Trip

This coming weekend, I am lucky enough to get to go attend a business function. It is in Baltimore, M.D. This is not a spur of the moment trip. No, this is a lovely adventure I get to go on... Continue Reading →

Cooper’s Rock – Rock City TrailĀ 

Located off I68, on the way to MD from Morgantown, WV, is a gorgeous state park known as Cooper's Rock. It is an enormous beauty. It is home to some of the best views I have ever seen in my... Continue Reading →

Lost in Virginia

Earlier this summer, my partner and I went on an unexpected journey to Virginia. It was an amazing road trip and taught us a valuable lesson. Do not depend on technology alone to get you anywhere. Especially when you end... Continue Reading →

A Timeshare Mistake. We need help.

In the peak of the summer, my partner and I travelled to D.C. for a mini vacation. During our stay, we attended a free, public event that dominated the National Mall. We entered contests, thinking nothing of it. For, who... Continue Reading →

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