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I shall fight for you.

Forever and beyond. I shall fight. My love for you is strong. Our relationship, more precious than anything else. I shall fight. I shall do whatever it takes.


A Drunken Kiss

Months later, finding out, hurts. It made me numb. I knew she hit on you. You told me that. She made advances on you. But, she drunkenly kissed you. You just now told me. Months later. I have never felt... Continue Reading →

I am with you.

I will follow you anywhere. Where you go, I go.

How do I make you see That you are all to me?

I love your stupid eyebrows.

I loathe you.

"I love you," I said playfully to my partner. My head rested on his shoulder briefly; I patted his cheek. "I loathe you," he responded, batting my hand away. "Is that because I wouldn't let you give me a hug... Continue Reading →

Happy Three Years

My dearest love, Today, three years ago, we went on our first adventure. The first time we were more than simple friends. The first time I finally said yes to a date that turned our relationship to more than just... Continue Reading →

Do Not Walk Behind Me

The other day, we were walking through Target. Looking at the various displays. Admiring the exciting temptations that are available. We had the goal of exchanging a piece for our GoPro camera. It was a simple adventure. We were walking.... Continue Reading →

The way the sun hits your face, Makes my heart jump up a pace. That little smile you give me, Becomes all that I can even see.

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