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How can I do more? How can I do more for you? I ask myself this daily. I want to do more for you, for us. But, how? I long to provide. I long to do more. I am trying.... Continue Reading →



They are in your eyes. They shine so bright.


It came to me. In the dead of night. These little ideas. Snippets, rather. Not fully formed. Words that long to be written. The darkness wants to be expressed. My scars want to share their story. The desire to express... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Who am I? I know nothing. I stumbled. I fall. I do not recognize this face looking back at me in the mirror. Who am I?


I have never tried harder in my life. I have never fought so hard for someone. Yet, it feels... It feels like I am running uphill on ice.

I shall fight for you.

Forever and beyond. I shall fight. My love for you is strong. Our relationship, more precious than anything else. I shall fight. I shall do whatever it takes.


Fighting. Bickering. Picking. Yelling. Crying. Arguing. Shouting. Back and forth. Back and forth.  

A Drunken Kiss

Months later, finding out, hurts. It made me numb. I knew she hit on you. You told me that. She made advances on you. But, she drunkenly kissed you. You just now told me. Months later. I have never felt... Continue Reading →

Thick and Thin

Through bliss. Through Hell.

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