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Good Girl

Lea was a good girl. She woke up at the appropriate time, every day. She made her bed. She brushed her hair. She brushed her teeth. When it was time to eat, she ate. Her mother always praised her at... Continue Reading →


You were my friend.

Or, so I thought. You were my friend. But you hurt me. Again. This cycle must end. My dearest companion, Why did you abandon me? Do you know the damage? Can you even see? It was a day that I... Continue Reading →

My mind grows and shrinks.  My life has skated along the edge. I have been to countless brinks. Always, I have come back. Once, I would give it all To get to that ledge, feel the high. I would push... Continue Reading →

She was Nothing

She was a quiet little creature. Very aloof. Not one to fit in with the rest of the group. She was not the one to have the abundance of followers. She was not the one that led the pack. She... Continue Reading →

Once More

I've got this wonderful, glorious partner. A true light in my life. The one that helped me overcome my addictions and gave me the strength to battle my demons. This person has been my person. I know not what I... Continue Reading →

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