How can I do more? How can I do more for you? I ask myself this daily. I want to do more for you, for us. But, how? I long to provide. I long to do more. I am trying. It kills me how tired you are. How worn out you are. I want to…


I wish I could make you understand there is no logic. No reason. Nothing to justify my feelings. The void is swallowing me. I am drowning. I do not know when I slipped in. I also do not know when I shall slip back out of the depths.

One Day

One day, we shall have it all. My love, worrying will not be done. One day, we shall have it all. My love, it shall be such fun. One day. One day. It shall be. We will be free. So free. One day.

A Battle to Get Ready

I haul my sorry self from my makeshift bed every day. My feet guide me through my apartment. The sleep is still clinging to my eyes, and the bags display the lack of genuine rest. The river of hair I possess is wild. I battle the demons that stroll around casually. Ignore their whispers. The…