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Atlanta Adventures – Day 1

Atlanta adventures


Flying to Atlanta with Southwest

Flying Down to Atlanta

Preparing for Flight – Learning Some Rules

My flight confirmation came through last night. I leave for Atlanta on Monday. The reality of this is pressing down on me. The fact that I have all my information on hand now has relieved a decent bit of my... Continue Reading →

A Frozen Moment

It was the first bright day in weeks. A rare break from the dead of winter. The tease of life. Full of restlessness, we had to roam. Birds are not meant to be kept in a cage forever. We had... Continue Reading →

Upcoming Adventure!

I am beyond excited. After the epic failure of Baltimore a few months back, I have not journeyed out of my area. My partner casually informed me that we are going back to DC for Valentine's day! This is our... Continue Reading →

I wish I had a marvelous time.

Truly, I wish it was amazing. Yet, it was not.  It was not joyous or merry. It was an adventure I wish I could undo. I wish you had been there.  Perhaps I would not have felt so... alone.

Cooper’s Rock – Rock City TrailĀ 

Located off I68, on the way to MD from Morgantown, WV, is a gorgeous state park known as Cooper's Rock. It is an enormous beauty. It is home to some of the best views I have ever seen in my... Continue Reading →

Lost in Virginia

Earlier this summer, my partner and I went on an unexpected journey to Virginia. It was an amazing road trip and taught us a valuable lesson. Do not depend on technology alone to get you anywhere. Especially when you end... Continue Reading →

A Timeshare Mistake. We need help.

In the peak of the summer, my partner and I travelled to D.C. for a mini vacation. During our stay, we attended a free, public event that dominated the National Mall. We entered contests, thinking nothing of it. For, who... Continue Reading →

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