A Drunken Kiss

Months later, finding out, hurts. It made me numb. I knew she hit on you. You told me that. She made advances on you. But, she drunkenly kissed you. You just now told me. Months later. I have never felt this territorial rage before. And rage at you for not telling me then. What is…


A Timeshare Mistake. We need help.

In the peak of the summer, my partner and I travelled to D.C. for a mini vacation. During our stay, we attended a free, public event that dominated the National Mall. We entered contests, thinking nothing of it. For, who wouldn't love to win a bunch of free electronics or gift cards? We went home.…

Why do you tell me you hate me?

When we kiss, When we hold each other, When our hands meet, When we love one another, When we do anything, You always tell me that  You hate me. Am I truly that bad? I wish you wouldn't tell me You hate me. Even if you laugh, Even if you smile, You hate me.