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Sitting in the Airport- Journey to Atlanta

I did it! I made it through with minimal anxiety attacks. Somehow, I managed to luck out of driving myself. My wonderful partner was able to take the morning off to get me to the airport! Unfortunately, my partner was... Continue Reading →



It came to me. In the dead of night. These little ideas. Snippets, rather. Not fully formed. Words that long to be written. The darkness wants to be expressed. My scars want to share their story. The desire to express... Continue Reading →


I wish I could make you understand there is no logic. No reason. Nothing to justify my feelings. The void is swallowing me. I am drowning. I do not know when I slipped in. I also do not know when... Continue Reading →

Thick and Thin

Through bliss. Through Hell.

The world spun faster. She laughed. She laughed. Dead, was the master. She cried. She cried.

I am not a religious individual. This does not mean I can not celebrate.

Christmas was a fair time in my memories. There was always such joy in bullying my sisters for control of the movies, arranging the Christmas decorations, and indulging in ridiculous amounts of sweets. As I grew up and away from... Continue Reading →

Do I have goals?

I've asked myself this constantly. I have wants and desires, but are they considered goals? I am a college drop out, have debt, and am miserable. But, what 23 year old isn't like that in some way or other? I... Continue Reading →

I am slipping.

I was fine. I was fine. I was fine. Roll over in the morning, I see your face. I smile and feel butterflies. I get up. I brush my teeth. I braid my hair. Get dressed and spray on perfume.... Continue Reading →

Sometimes I wonder

Why I even exist. Why I even bother. Why I even care. Why I even continue. Why I even try. Sometimes, I really do wonder.

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