Swallow Falls

Swallow Falls State Park Adventure

Fallingwater Adventures

    It was a sunny day. There were no signs of rain. There was nothing. My partner and I were blessed with a day off together. So, we decided to go to an adventure. Knock something off our bucket list. The drive was an interesting one. I would strongly recommend making sure your brakes…


You are mine. And I am yours. You are your own. And I am my own. We coexist and are one. We complete and compliment one another. And, in every life, every variation, I choose you.

Capital Adventures

I am itching to go explore once more. I long to go back and explore this city. Anyone that has taken the time to talk to me will know I positively adore my few adventures in Washington D.C. It has been several months since we got into a car and drove. I want to go…