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A safe place


Silence and Projects

I have been silent.


It came to me. In the dead of night. These little ideas. Snippets, rather. Not fully formed. Words that long to be written. The darkness wants to be expressed. My scars want to share their story. The desire to express... Continue Reading →

A Journey to Self Love

I have never been the prettiest. I was never popular. Never the skinniest. I was not the one you would pay attention to. I had no pride. Nothing. I was the socially awkward, mean, and fairly weird girl. I was... Continue Reading →


I was searching for prompts. I want to explore. Any ideas?


Once more, I find myself attempting to go through with this challenge. I will make it. One way or other. I have tried it in the past, but I have always failed miserably. Pourquoi? Well. Easy. I found myself lacking... Continue Reading →

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