Silly Moments

Are all they are. Meaningless. Pointless. But they feel strong. Impact more than they should. Make you curl in on yourself. Emotionally compromised and insecure in the darkness. You cry to yourself. Will yourself to not feel. Feel nothing.. If you feel nothing, then you are better than these silly moments.


Planning A Trip To DC

I'm planning again. A trip back to our favorite city. We have not gone on any adventures in a while. (Gotta love work, right?) We needed something different. A break in the year before we are back at it. DC is our favorite place to go. A quick 3-4 hour drive away. A scenic route.…

Capital Adventures

The first city we ever travelled to will always hold a special place in my heart. Washington D.C. was a place that seemed unlike any other. We danced. We laughed. We wandered. We got lost and found. Food was consumed in the hours between drinking and proper breakfast. Three times visited in such a short…