Damn. Damn. Damn. Why can I not let it be?


I have no response. I have no hopes. I have nothing to give. Nothing left to offer. What am I even doing with myself? What am I doing with myself? What is this mundane madness? There is no room left to react. Nothing left to do. What am I even doing with my life?  


My life has seemingly amounted to nothing. I feel like an absolute failure. I truly do. I have dropped out of college. I have not done anything with my life. I am not achieving any goals. I am not doing anything. Stop. Stop. Stop. You need to stop thinking like that. You really do. In…

5 Things

I have found a few things to do that make me feel slightly better about life and about myself. Just a few things. Some days, they are all I need to get through it all. Brush my hair - I have long, long hair. It goes to the middle of my butt. It is a…

The way the sun hits your face, Makes my heart jump up a pace. That little smile you give me, Becomes all that I can even see.

My love for you knows no bounds. You are my miracle and hero. You will never be able to fathom this.

I am uneasy.

Last night, I was plagued by the darkest of dreams. I was haunted by ghosts unknown. I saw visions of dead children. I was uneasy, afraid. A victim to this monster. My screams were trapped in my throat. There were dolls. So many, many dolls. They smiled and giggled. Colors danced at the edge of…

Once More

I've got this wonderful, glorious partner. A true light in my life. The one that helped me overcome my addictions and gave me the strength to battle my demons. This person has been my person. I know not what I would do without them. I had no motivation. Always discouragement. No one to really cheer…