my life was cold

I loathe you.

"I love you," I said playfully to my partner. My head rested on his shoulder briefly; I patted his cheek. "I loathe you," he responded, batting my hand away. "Is that because I wouldn't let you give me a hug when I was trying to get out of my stupid coat?" I pouted. Moments before,…


Let me jump on this topic in the spirit of Thanksgiving. I know it is not original, yet, I feel the urge to join in on expressing my gratitude. I am thankful for my partner. He is a creature I never imagined having in my life. I never imagined finding someone that supports my insanity,…

The way the sun hits your face, Makes my heart jump up a pace. That little smile you give me, Becomes all that I can even see.

The simple fact that you are willing to support me astounds me. You have held me through my darkest moments. You have been there for me. I know that I am not always the easiest person to deal with. I make life extremely difficult. But you are always there. Even now, as I struggle, you…


You are mine. And I am yours. You are your own. And I am my own. We coexist and are one. We complete and compliment one another. And, in every life, every variation, I choose you.