Silly Moments

Are all they are. Meaningless. Pointless. But they feel strong. Impact more than they should. Make you curl in on yourself. Emotionally compromised and insecure in the darkness. You cry to yourself. Will yourself to not feel. Feel nothing.. If you feel nothing, then you are better than these silly moments.



I have flown before. I have been on a plane more than once. What's different this time? I am flying by myself. I am not the minor with the attendants directing me. I am not the minor accompanying seasoned flyers through the airport. No. I am doing this on my own. Needless to say, my…


I wish I could make you understand there is no logic. No reason. Nothing to justify my feelings. The void is swallowing me. I am drowning. I do not know when I slipped in. I also do not know when I shall slip back out of the depths.


With the songs being whispered in the night, the world trembles and exhales. There is no burning pressure, no fight, nothing left inside. There once was a mad, mad burning. But now, standing together, nothing. No emotions, no crazy yearning. There is a silence. Standing together, side by side, the world is ours for the…

I am slipping.

I was fine. I was fine. I was fine. Roll over in the morning, I see your face. I smile and feel butterflies. I get up. I brush my teeth. I braid my hair. Get dressed and spray on perfume. A kiss and off to work.  I worked. I laughed. I had fun. I was…