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Try Again?

The submission window for a literary magazine just opened up. This is the same one that rejected me a while back. Part of me wants to submit again. But part of me is terrified of the rejection. Absolutely terrified. I... Continue Reading →



It came to me. In the dead of night. These little ideas. Snippets, rather. Not fully formed. Words that long to be written. The darkness wants to be expressed. My scars want to share their story. The desire to express... Continue Reading →


Words of the written variety have always been my solace. Reading is a passion of mine. Writing is an even larger passion. I have always wanted to pursue it. Always. After my car accident, weeks before embarking on an adventure... Continue Reading →

Pulling Myself Back Up

In the midst of all the angst of my life, I received something that crushed me. I got a lovely rejection letter. In the days since, I have processed the feelings of worthlessness, insecurity, and the anger. I looked at... Continue Reading →

I received a rejection letter.

And it broke my heart a smidgen. I feel minorly discouraged. But I shall take it. Look at it as a learning experience. Adjust. Try again. Right?

I want to write. And share my words.

I have always been one to compose. My body has always been viewed as a vessel for these strings of letters to travel through as they journey from the void to reality. It has always been natural. Until my accident... Continue Reading →

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